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March 2014 Update

Dear Colleagues,

The Global Support Organization (GSO) was established to provide world-class service through a single support system for all Ex Libris customers and products worldwide. The GSO is committed to a best-practice approach that establishes and delivers consistently high service levels; allows for tiered escalation of support incidents; adheres to transparent processes; and delivers unified response levels for all products through ongoing monitoring and improvement processes.

Support Escalation Policy:

1. Highlight the issue with the assigned owner via the Ex Libris Support Center.

In the event that you need to escalate an issue to senior Support representatives, please follow the steps below:

2. Escalate to the customer support manager responsible for the product affiliated with the incident, according to the list below:
AlmaJudith Frankel Almasupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
Aleph and AlephinoMartin Büscher ALEPHsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
bXZvi Finkin bXsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
DigiToolAyala Salant DTLsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
MetaLib Support and KnowledgeBaseEvgenia Polyachek MLsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
PrimoJulia Goldshtein PRIMOsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
Primo Central Index (PCI)Meni Toubul PCIescalationrequest@exlibrisgroup.com
RosettaAyala Salant rosettaescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
SFXBrian Noone SFXsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
SFX KnowledgeBaseOren Gilboa SFXKBsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
Verde & USTATYana Buzukashvili VERDEsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com
VoyagerJulie Bister VOYAGERsupportescalation@exlibrisgroup.com

3. Escalate to regional support focal point:
North AmericaYoav Eder Yoav.Eder@exlibrisgroup.com
EuropeMartin Büscher Martin.Buescher@exlibrisgroup.com
APACNina Keren-David Nina.Keren-David@exlibrisgroup.com

4. Escalate to Global Support Director:
Noam Kaminer - Noam.Kaminer@exlibrisgroup.com

Noam Kaminer
Global Support Director
Ex Libris